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    Well-Being, Self-Care and Mindfulness for the Post-Primary Teacher

    This is offered as an evening course along with currently being offered as a workshop for post-primary schools (visiting the school). This course/workshop encompasses the principles of mindfulness and well-being through directly addressing the specific needs of the post-primary teacher in terms of self-care. Similarly, this course/workshop provides that all important space for the teacher to feel that they can learn more about stress and how to reduce it in their daily life, including in their teaching life.

    The life of the teacher involves multi-tasking, addressing social issues, liaising with parents and interacting with colleagues. Often, the needs of the students become more of a priority than the teacher's own need to engage in self-care. This course looks at how this can be changed to improve the life of the teacher which will obviously in turn, affect the daily interactions that they have with their students.

    Self-Care, Renewal and Well-Being for the Primary Teacher

    Online Summer Course

    (Dept. of Education Approved: EPV Days)

    Relax, Chill-Out and Learn How to Bring Mindfulness into your Classroom….

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