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ChillOut Ireland - TESTIMONIALS


"A truly inspiring experience. Opening my mind to new ways of being. Seeing life and experiences in a new light. Ann-Marie's courses and workshops should be compulsary on one's journey through life." - Paula Byrne
"As a practicing teacher for over 30 years I have always believed in the importance of children having the experience of taking time to be at peace with themselves. Ann-Marie's course has given me lots of structured ideas that have provided myself and the children with an opportunity to experience this." - Frances Duggan
"This course truly exceeded my expectations. Applying practical strategies and tips to every day life has impacted on my peronsal and professional happiness. I am so grateful to have been part of this course an hope there will be many more to come. Thank you truly are an inspiration!" - Ms. McCarthy
" I loved every minute of this course and would recommend it to any teacher who is interested in personal and professional development. What I liked most was that the course focused equally on strategies for the teacher to enhance their own well-being and on promoting the wellbeing of students in the classroom. The course was so practical and techniques were so clearly demonstrated that it made it very easy to implement them in my own personal life and with my class." - Clár Ní Mhainnín
"What a wonderful course, excellent for the self-care of a teachers well-being and fantastic resources for the classroom.

There should be a bigger emphasis on caring for our mental health and teaching children how to care for their own in our country. Thanks so much Ann-Marie you're an inspiration, as is your calmness."
- Ciara Lynch
"Such a beautiful, relaxing course. After 10 years of completing Summer courses this is the 1st time I've spent time on myself. So many helpful, practical and easy lessons to use. Throughout the week I've learned that 'I do enough' and that 'I am enough' and now I'm okay with that. I'm excited about bringing calmness and mindfulness into the classroom & forever will be grateful for the skills I've learned that will allow me to do so." - Anita
"I believe practising mindfulness teaches children practical skills they will use throughout their lives to take care of their mental health and emotional well-being. Would really love to see this in the Irish curriculum!" - Sharon Roche
"I thoroughly enjoyed the mindfulness course with Ann-Marie. Each week, I tried out the suggestions with my class. I was amazed at how receptive the pupils were." - Ms. Whelan
"Ann-Marie taught me how to inject a moment of complete calm, happiness and contentment into my life at anytime I choose. What a priceless gift!" - Ms. McCarthy
"The personal pleasure I have gained from mindfulness and the absolute calmness is what I would love to see all of the children in our classrooms enjoy." - Bernadette Clear
"I had a fantastic, relaxing week. The course content was both therapeutic and inspirational. Well done!!" - Helen McElligott
"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Ann-Marie is a fantastic speaker, really engaging, practical and interesting. I got so much out of the five days, all of which I will keep with me for years to come." - Michelle O'Brien

Self-Care, Renewal and Well-Being for the Primary Teacher

Online Summer Course

(Dept. of Education Approved: EPV Days)

Relax, Chill-Out and Learn How to Bring Mindfulness into your Classroom….

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