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Our main aim is to offer each person a safe space in which they can learn new life skills, that if implemented regularly can most definitely reduce stress levels, increase confidence and promote well-being. We believe that well-being now needs to be viewed in a practical and yet compassionate manner so that each person who chooses to learn these skills, can use them as part of their daily life….no matter what their age or their journey. We believe that well-being is the foundation of all other human experiences.

We specialise in training within education (see training page), working particularly with teachers in the area of self-care and mindfulness. In this area, our aim is to bring these practices to the teacher’s life on a personal basis but also offer practices that can be used within the classroom (both primary and post-primary).

Our Primary Teacher course is Department of Education and Skills approved.

ChillOut Ireland works under the following principles:

  • Mindfulness: learning what it is and how it can be used in a practical way to learn how to simply ‘be’ and bring our mind into the present moment
  • Self-Care: learning how to put yourself first so that you can be well for yourself and for others
  • Meditation: what it is and how it can be used to promote well-being
  • Relaxation Techniques: breathing, laughing, stretching, diet, exercise
  • Affirmations and Self-Talk: change your internal dialogue; change your life

ChillOut Ireland offers talks / sessions / workshops involving:

  • Understanding the science of stress in terms of how it affects the human body physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Discussing relevant issues that may arise through discussion
  • Learning about mindfulness and living the present moment
  • Learning breathing, stretching and relaxation techniques that can be used in all interactions and all daily activities
  • Learning how to use affirmations and positive self-talk on a daily basis and learning about the benefits of this over time

Self-Care, Renewal and Well-Being for the Primary Teacher

Online Summer Course

(Dept. of Education Approved: EPV Days)

Relax, Chill-Out and Learn How to Bring Mindfulness into your Classroom….

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